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July 16, 1993

Dear Jennifer,

How are you? We are not quite under the water but almost. We do not have any water (running water) in our apartment so it has been really stressful because most of the time I am not showered and feeling clean. We have filled a ton of sandbags and built a few walls which was fun but very tiring.

I realize it has been a long time since I have written but I have had a lot of different stresses lately that I have had to deal with. Once was my companion and his attitude. I finally had to sit down and talk with him. He is very receptive and took it all in stride. I still think that he is still somewhat jealous that I am “senior” companion. He can have it! The flood came up in the middle of this whole thing and so it has been quite the pain. Most everything is worked out so most of the stress is gone.

Our new mission president seems to think that I am the “sale of the earth” and is looking for me to be the example when I am having a tough time trying not to be anxious t…