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Good Times in Minnesota, Summer 2007

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Ok. So I've been out of town in Minnesota. We have been enjoying my little vacation and have seen some old friends and stayed with relatives. Our thanks goes out to Ben & Wendy Mullane, Bart & Angela Smithson, and Doug & Kathy Mock. We love you and appreciate all you do for us. I hope to post some pictures of the trip really soon. For now I wanted to share an image from a photographer who has some really great ideas, Jan Von Hollenben. You should check out her gallery and the "dreams of flying" images. Great stuff!!!

I will be returning to Arizona soon and unfortunately will be without my Wife and two wonderful boys this summer.

Leave me a message sometime and say Hi. Even if I don't know you, I can appreciate any and all comments. (Heck, if I don't like your comment, well then I might just have to live with it.)

Wow! This image moved me!

This is a very poignant image. It captures so many emotions and feelings about so many things. WOW!

I also want to say that I love and adore my dear Jennifer very much! We will be apart for about 2 months. I often question why. But somehow and for some reason I think it needs to be done. I pray that she knows that I love her VERY MUCH! This is a hard thing to be away from her for so long. I love her for making this sacrifice, as well as her willingness to stand by me through thick and thin. She knows just what to say when I am feeling blue or 'magenta'. She knows just what I need every day. She loves me. And I definately LOVE her!

I love you Jennifer!


05.17.07 - 218/365: I Spy...
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My life feels about as organized as this image.

But it's full of plenty of really cool discoveries!

Legal Insanity

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Well it seems that when it rains it pours. Last night while I listened to my X torture my children with her emotional distress, a random investigator dropped by to interview Jen on a matter that was at least 3 yrs ago. It's crazy. Jen has been a bit emotional lately as she will be leaving to visit/work in Minnesota this summer.
I can understand that she will miss everyone and stuff, but I think this trip will be the best thing for her (and us) right now.

I love her soooo much!

Busyiness, Crazyiness and Joy!

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We've had quite the eventful month. It kinda started out with me being ill. Then my children were 'attacked' by their mother. Then my X decided to complain about not getting enough child support (which she is in fact getting MORE than what has been calculated). Then I filed an order of protection after getting word of a CPS investigation. Then I had a hearing to keep the order of protection. Then my son had an allergic reaction to pennicillin.

The FUN stuff was.... We went camping, we played at a waterpark, we taught some important lessons to our children, we received a closing date on our house, and news that my in-laws are coming out early to help me and my family.

It's amazing what blessings come when we listen to our spouse, the lord, and the friends that care about us.

The House on Cargo Ave

The House on Cargo Ave
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Well, they are working hard on our house. I hope it is done by next month, that would be a nice surprise. They have really worked quickly. Once they framed the house everything just got done so fast. Can you tell I am amazed at the speed they can put up a house.