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Child recall program

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I think they need to create a child recall program. They could easily set the qualifications for children between the ages of 12-17. There needs to be some incentive for children to behave in order to continue into adulthood. It would definately be a program for OTHER people's children, because MY children are little angels who take responsibility for their own lives and love to provide solutions to the trouble the create in their lives.

So a program for other people's children would be good. ('cause I am totally fine with counting down the days 'til they move to independence and freedom).

Teenage children have many wonderful talents. Like the ability to spend 4 hours complaining about doing a task that takes 30mins to do. Don't get me wrong, younger children are capable of prolonging the timeframe of task completion, but teens have mastered the ability to add 'pizazz' to the misery of complaint. Pizazz - now t…