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Desperate Mothers

Desperate Mothers - John Horn
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This was another entry into our Photoshop Friday challenge.

This is one that John did last week.

I'm not too proud to admit that it would be nice to have a little boy!

Photoshop Friday - coworker entry

Comic-al :: John Horn
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So this is John Horn's entry into our photoshop challenge. I like his creativity. I almost look like I have a fu Man chu!

Photoshop Friday

Photoshop Friday
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So every week we do a photoshop challenge to try and improve our skills.

I took this photos on the way to work and decided to incorporate them into the challenge.

I'll try and post the ones from my co-workers as well as the previous fridays.

Planning a move, Intelligently.

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I have had severe allergies most of this week. I say severe because I can hardly keep my eyes open they are so sore and red. I also have a headache most of the day.


I am trying to come up with the best solution for moving all of my stuff out of the house without putting it in an additional storage unit and then moving it again. It would be nice to lock it all up in a trailer and when it is time to move... Move it.

I think we will buy a "portable" shed and store most of our belongings in there. Then when it is time move we can just move it out of the shed onto the trailer.

Ideally, storing it on a trailer would be best.. but I can't find anyone that wants to loan me a trailer for that long (~4 months).

Any ideas?

For clarity I just thought I would point out that I would need to move most of my stuff out of the house I am currently living in, so that my brother JOEL could move his stuff into the house. It is a sort of mo…

The Long Awaited Easter Images

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Here are a series of images that I took on Easter Sunday. I think they turned out pretty good. My favorite is of Hana and Hunter together.

If you click on the image you can see the rest of my photographs in my Flickr account.

Leave some feedback about my photos, please.

Vanpool Shenanigans

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Good morning blogland!

We have the most interesting conversations on our Vanpool each morning.
Yesterday we spoke about how "Brain Farts" is too harsh a term and should be substituted for something with less imagery. So we decided that "Mind Flatulence" is a much better term. ;-)

Today the subject was more along the lines of nakedness and hairy men. Stories were exchanged about accidently making a male hairy nipple into ones computer desktop background and of course not being able to remove it. (Funny stuff) Or the hilarious discussion about the men with abundant back hair that floats in the pool like the tenticles of a sea anenome. ( I guess you would have to be there, trust me, it was funny).

I am always one who appreciates clever and creative ideas, so when I got this link from a friend I felt particularly inspired. I usually don't sew, but I'm thinking this would make a great FHE activity. Maybe we can get the

The building of a new Woolf Den

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Okay.. so I'm starting to gain momentum on this whole blogging thing.

We recently started a new build on a home out near where I work (Pinal County, Florence, AZ).

Here are some of the construction pictures.

I realize they may look a little gradiated and strange, but that would be because the images are a photostiched panorama.

Great weekend!

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We had a great weekend. I felt like I was at church the whole weekend.

Wait, I was at church the whole weekend.

Saturday I spent at my Sister's church because my niece got baptized.

Then I spent Saturday night at our church at a special "parables" presentation.

We did spend Sunday eating Tacos and enjoying the company of friends.

BTW - I ran into this really cool bed hack for ikea bed frame. MORE STORAGE!

Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage. Get one for yourself.

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What do you do with old books?

Well sometimes you have a bunch of old books lying around that you still may want to read but never have the time. Why don't you just make them useful while they are awaiting the day that you may read them.

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Jen's First Easter Pageant

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So we went to the Easter Pageant at the temple and had the privilege of sitting in Reserved seating with my Brother and his family.

I also discovered that this was Jen's first pageant of any kind. Everyone enjoyed the message and was spiritually uplifted. Danny was a bit of a fussy child, but he learned pretty quick that this gets him a one way ticket to misery. I made him sit with me on the outskirts of the pageant until he could prove he was able to be good. Little Sofia was quite the ham. Here she is saying CHEESE!
And here is another of her kissing her Aunt Jen.