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A visitor from MN

Well, my friend Andrea came to visit from Minnesota. She came the same weekend as Hunter's baptism. It was wild and crazy and yet in the midst of it all I think she had a great time. For more pictures and details check out her blog at

Of all the pictures that were taken this one is my favorite!
It is the essence of a Minnesotan in Arizona in February!

Sad news....NOW WHAT??

With the withdrawl of the only good candidate...where do we go now??

I have to lay out my position clearly and without question. You CANNOT vote for Hillary Clinton. This is not a request...This is the rule I have just implemented. If you do, I reserve the right to disown you as my friend, family member or favorite blog reader.

The idea of Ms. Clinton running our country scares the *%#$$*&^* out of me!!

As a woman, she would be viewed by many political leaders in other countries as inferrior and hold no political weight whatsoever. As a leader she would plainly.....just suck!!

C'mon I was there when she implemented HIPAA. (you know what that means, right? Not Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - it means Helping Increase Paperwork Across America). The laws she "implemented" were already in place, all she did was make twice as much work for every medical office in America. Which my…

The Beloved Prophet

I have seen quite a few of these since the death of President Hinkley. I have liked this one best so far. Check it out:

Enjoy! Stand a little taller and strive to be like Him!

Super Tuesday

After reading Ryan's post from yesterday ( I was prompted to post my dislike for the Arizona way of voting. I must say that when I registered to vote I was surprised that they asked me to declare my political stand by stating exactly what I was. Now, for those of you who know me best you should know that there isn't one way I am...which includes how I vote. I have never voted straight anything. I like to pay attention to who is out there, what they stand for and vote for the person who makes the most sense to me. Now, I must admit that sadly I am not nearly as political as those closest to me (Greg and Dad I am talking about you!!) But I arm myself with enough knowledge to make an intelligent decision. With this in mind I will tell you about the craziness we call voting in Arizona.....

Apparently, Arizona feels it is their duty to prevent anyone other than republicans and democrats to vote in the primaries. And if you declare yourself a …