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Answer the call: Weekend Photo Zone

I've decided that it's time that the local photographers in this (Florence) area need to get together to collaborate on photography. So I would like all the people who read the blog, are here in AZ, and have a strong interest (or side business) in photography to leave a comment on what kinds of things they are interested in learning "hands on".

SO! This is what you do:

1. Send me an email to let me know you want to be included (gwoolf at hotmail dot com)

2. Tell me what you are interested in learning.

3. Let me know if you are interested in sharing what you know.

4. Prepare for a whirlwind of knowlege to sweep you up and help you improve your skills!!

Some ideas I have in mind are:

How to streamline process in Photoshop, Creating actions, How to mask like a pro, Brushes - No paint required, using off camera strobe to improve your lighting, what every photographer should know about color temperature, All about F-stops (and not just aperature).

Please spread the word, this cou…

Getting to know you (again, and again and again)

Alright, Anna sent another one of these so instead of doing it on email I am posting it here.....

What color are your socks right now?
Socks? I live in AZ
What are you listening to right now?
Greg and Danny talking
What was the last thing that you ate?
Waffles (thanks for breakfast honey!!)
Can you drive a stick shift?
It’s been a while, but yes.
Last person you spoke to on the phone?
Spoke to: Laura; Text: Erica
Do you like the person who sent this to you?
She’s one of the best sister-in-laws EVER!!
How old are you today?
What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
Ugghh sports on TV?
What is your favorite drink?
Have you ever dyed your hair?
Yes. At least twice a year
Favorite food?
Homemade tacos
What is the last movie you watched?
Mamma Mia!! (last night for Maddie’s birthday)
Favorite day of the year?
Any day I spend with my family
How do you vent anger?
Other than yelling? Talking to my mom or husband (or his mom if he is the problem)
What was your favorite toy as a child?
The Bargain Hunter game (…

Her first solid food.....well kind of solid



Jilly had her 4 month doctor's appointment today. She weighs in at 13 lbs. 4 oz. (45% of average 4 month olds) and is 25 inches long (80% of average four month olds). She is tall and thin.....not a bad way to be. :-)

So after her check up (and the shots - poor thing) the doctor said she was definitely ready for cereal. So we came home and gave it a try. She wrinkled her nose a lot and everything came out at least once before she figured out that she should swallow it. But she was (is) dang cute doing it!! So, now we have a new fixture in the dining room....the high chair. YEAH!!

Ah! the subtleties of language and law.

I think this about sums up how I feel as well....


Prop 8: It's Impact: GREAT

Susan Noyes Anderson
10/16/2008 06:00 PM MDT

*EDITOR'S NOTE: Anderson was a former writer for Mormon-Life and is now a freelance writer. The following article was recently published on her blog.

Warning: This is not a "politically correct" post, at least where I live, but I feel obligated to make a statement of my beliefs and concerns about Proposition 8 due to its critical importance in this election.

I'll begin by affirming that I have no bias against gay individuals or groups per se and that I respect them as friends and associates. Neither do I oppose domestic partner statutes affording them any and all legal rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples in a marriage relationship. (Family Code 297.5) What I do oppose, specifically, is changing the legal definition of marriage to anything other than between a man and a woman. Here's how I see it. Domestic part…

Behold the condescension!

So I have this co-worker that decided the other day, to condescend to his fellow co-workers about how immoral it is to do things. He then broke out into a boasting session about how he is so 'unique' because he doesn't steal music, go beyond the posted speed limit, or copy movies he rented from the video store. He would then proceed to ask the co-workers (who are obviously beneath him) to help him understand why we would choose to do such sinful acts!
One of my comrades was about to 'go off' on his insane expressions of superiority but decided that it would be stooping to his level to point out that his life is not as 'moral' as he claims. Admittedly I would have taken pleasure in seeing him ripped to shreds but alas, I had to agree that stooping to a level of inferiority would not be the 'better' thing to do.

This co-worker was the same individual that made the claim that he is a REAL Christian because he reads the BIBLE. He then went on to proclai…

Jilly is 4 months old!!

OK I know 4 months isn't really very old...but I am sad that she is growing up at all! I am having so much fun with her! She is happy ALL the time. There is nothing better than being woken up to her talking in her bed in the morning. She doesn't roll much yet - mostly when she is mad. But it's coming. She is VERY strong and it probably won't be long before she is sitting on her own. YEAH!! Isn't she just dang cute!! (I realize I am a bit biased....I say this often don't it) LOL

Nanny Video to the Rescue!!

Who says kids shouldn't watch TV until they are 2??? Jilly loves the TV. My mom regularly has her watch Sesame Street. I had to get a few things done and she was demanding all of my attention (I know baby attention is tough [heavy sarcasm]). So I turned on Playhouse Disney and she is having a great time!! She is watching intently and kicking and laughing with them..every now and then she will even yell at the TV.

She did the same thing when we went and saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. She was awake the whole time and yelled at the movie screen. She loves the colors and the noise. It is soo fun to watch!!!

Everyone's asleep .... BUT ME!!!

Well apparently I now live in The Napping House (which is one of my FAVORITE books!!) Everyone has been asleep in my house since 8:15 p.m. Crazy!! Danny came home from school today and told me he had a tough day because he was so tired. (We were up a tad too late with the Powers family last night!) I said that he could go to bed a little earlier tonight at 7:30 - and he willingly agreed (he must have been tired). Than as I was going through his clothes it hit me like a ton of bricks why...he is going through a growth spurt!! All his pants are becoming high waters and his shirts are all becoming belly shirts! So I spent a couple of hours in his clothes and took out everything under size 6. Then restocked with size 7. Soon both my boys will tower over me!!!! Hunter (at age 8) is already past my shoulders. CRAZY!!!

Here is a picture of a couple of my napping darlings! Aren't they soo cute!!

Breat Cancer Awareness Month

My Friend Erica posted this:
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I had my first mammogram when I was 25 - the doctors thought I was crazy until they heard my family history. Then on my 29th birthday I thought I found two lumps - I was terrified and I didn't tell my family (except of course my mom) - I had the LONGEST ultrasound and mammogram EVER, which scared me even more and then waited and waited and waited. Finally I was told to keep an eye on it but that it was "normal", actually I don't think those were the exact words they used - anyway - I had put off going back - then my mom got cancer - not breast cancer mind you - but cancer, and it was stage 3b. I won't be putting it off again. So it is my turn to get on my soap box and get all "preachy" - if you don't get checked on a regular need to! Make sure you get a yearly mammogram - I hate doing it as much as everyone else - no one wants to have their chi-chi's mashed as flat as possible …

Location! Location! Location!

Sometimes its not the image itself but where the elements are placed on the page!