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Life is GOOD!!!

Greg was here for the last week - gosh it was soo nice! He left yesterday.
But before he left we took the kids to Wild Rumpus. It is a bookstore in Minneapolis for kids. It is a ton of fun. Not only can the kids run around and play with toys and books - but they have animals running around. They have cats, a chicken, tons of birds, lizards, a rat and a tarantella. (Obviously the last few animals on the list are caged - otherwise we would not have gone there!)

This is one of the resident cats, the other is a black and white. I am not sure of his name.
This is the resident chicken. His name is Elvis. He was just walking around. The first time he came walking towards Danny, he jumped up on a chair. Then after that Danny walked up to him and petted him. He is VERY soft. Kind of odd to think he is a chicken. Greg even pet the chicken - he must not be allergic to the ones that are still running around! L0L

The door to come and go has a kid size cut out. The thought that was so very cool. A do…

Hunter is 6!!

We had Hunter's birthday party today! It was soo much fun. First we went to see "Miss Nelson is Missing" performed at the Stages Theatre. It was a lot of fun - except the boys didn't like the 'apple part' (where the teacher and the janitor both took a bite of apple at the same time and it looked like they were kissing). Unfortunately Greg missed the end of the play because of a certain unnamed irritant - but what do you do!! After the play we returned to the house for cake and ice cream. I had the cake made at a local grocery story, Cub Foods. They did such a GREAT job!!

It was so nice to have Greg's parents join us for the party and a couple of days. The house was full but very cozy! I think his parents had a good time seeing Minnesota. I went walking one day with Barbara - she is amazing!! I thought I was going to die by the time we were done - and it was as if nothing fazed the woman!! It was cold walking in the snow - but not as cold as the next day wh…