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That camera adds 10 pounds, right???

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

With the end of my pregnancy drawing near I wanted some pictures taken so that I could remember my belly in all its glory. Now, I know that I am huge....but I don't think I realized how huge I was until I saw the pics.

See Andie - I promised!! Now, these have not been touched by Greg's handy dandy program that makes all bad things disappear - hence the reason my arms are still fat. :-) But this is me in all my glory. Everyone is amazed that I am willing to post them... but I actually think it is amazing what the body does when you are pregnant and I think it is fun to look at them. I am scheduled to be induced next Wednesday, June 11th. So I am glad we were able to get the pictures taken before then.

I saw a picture of a pregnant belly with a child's hand on it and tried to duplicate it. Kendall was sleeping so there are only 4 of the children behind me. Greg is going to touch this one up, focus more on the belly and make it bl…

Please take a moment......

Our friends Bekki and Adam's 4 year old son, Garrett, lost his fight with Encephalitis yesterday. It is horribly sad and frightening how quickly something like this can happen. Garrett had a fever and went to bed the night before with some Tylenol and then never woke up. They tried to save him in the PICU but the swelling in the brain was too much. Please take a moment to remember them in your prayers as they can use all the comfort that they can get.

Garrett's blog: