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An interesting food idea.

I'm sure you could take this idea and run with it.. but take a look at this:

What do you think? Do you think the kids would like this?

Finally...after a short sabbatical

Finally...after a short I am (mighty mouse would finish it with.... to save the day!!)

Well... I blew off hours of laundry (sorry, honey) and spent that last couple of hours online reading everyone else's blogs. I left a lot of comments and realized that I haven't actually blogged forever (OK since Christmas). But I felt a little bit better knowing that Dani and Amber are further behind than I am. (ha ha ha! sorry....schadenfreude)

But anyway, I will try to blog and do laundry and workout and everything else I am supposed to do. Nothing like a challenge to keep life interesting. After all raising hooligans (see previous post) is hard work!!

I have to blog steal this from Sarah and Twylla because it is hilarious. And you all know how real this really is, right? Again, just to quote my shirt...Just because I am a Woolf....Doesn't mean I can't love a vampire.

When your a Jet your a Jet all the way...

So our youngest son decided that it would be cool to take a knife to school today.
Jen called me to let me know that she got the call from the principal's office and that she had to return to the school to pick him up. I think she had just dropped them off and it hadn't been an hour until she had to turn back and get him.

I'm just happy this didn't happen in the Gilbert School district where they have ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Otherwise I think we would have to do this every morning:

Needless to say, Jen wasn't happy. He also lied to his teacher. When asked if his mother knew that he had the pocket knife at school he said, "YES". Oh what fun.