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Whew! What a busy month!

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

Well, I live an a new house. I have new roommates (two and four-legged variety).
New appliances and new payments.
My 'relationships' are in quite a roller coaster state.
My in-laws and parents are hyper-sensitive emotionally and I miss my wife terribly!

My X is a pain!

I love my wife more than anything! She is such an awesome mother, lover and friend!
I can't wait for her to join me in our new home and make it the best Woolf Den EVER!!

Oh BTW, if anyone wants to come visit we live just North of Anthem at Merrill Ranch on Hunt Highway and just south of Arizona Farms Road. Turn right at the water tower just after you cross the train tracks (while heading South).

I need a vacation!

Photoshop Friday - Before and After

Here are the latest entries from co-workers on Photoshop Friday.
The theme was before and after polaroids of a life-changing event.
Matt gets points for creativity in concept.

Image by Matt Thomas

Image by Marc Wenning

Image by John Horn

Image by John Horn

Image by Greg Woolf (ME)

It was loads of fun as always!

Girl in Vancouver

Girl in Vancouver
Originally uploaded by Knottyy.
When I saw this image I immediately thought of the Mona Lisa.

I don't know why, maybe it's the 'mood' of the image. Maybe it's the half smile on her face.

(it certainly can't be the pink and green blouse.) LOL

Oh did I mention, I really want a job doing this kind of photography. How would you like that kind of imagery AND be able to pay the bills?! Wow!

Creepy and surreal

sidereal portrait #4
Originally uploaded by substrom.
Wow what a freaky picture. I dont' know what it is about it that is so captivating.

I've been feeling a bit displaced lately. Maybe because I feel like a lot of things are coming at me at different directions.

I guess this refiner's fire will either burn me up or make me stronger.

I miss my wonderful wife!