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Card postmarked 06/26/93

The card says:

If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right -
But if loving you is right, I don't want to be wrong either.
(I'm so confused...... It must be love.)

Dear Jennifer,

I do realize that you have not heard from me for quite awhile. They just recently had a transfer this month and although I was not transferred it really made me think. This is my last month of my mission and it is pretty frightening. I don't really have a clue as to what it is I'm going to do. My parents say that they will be in Salt Lake and are trying to get me released out there. My mother said something about having a General Authority release me but that sounds kind of scary. I kind of feel like they would give me the third degree but I know that isn't true. Well, it sounds that you are somewhat nervous in meeting me. Have you ever seen the old church movie, "Blind Date" or "Blind Love", or something like that. Anyway it's a show I know you would th…


Dear Jennifer,

Hey Beautiful! Well, today is my p-day so I guess it's the right day to be writing you. I was surprised to have received your many letters and the tape you sent. Mostly because I received them in one day.

In regards to your problem with your friend Kari. I am never surprised by the ways things turn out. It's good to see that you did the right thing even before you got my response. I guess by just asking it gets the old mind a thinking.

I am pleased to read that ties have been mended. I was also very pleased to hear that you followed through with giving someone a copy of The Book of Mormon. Many people never get this far and miss out on a lot of opportunities for important blessings. Be sure to follow-up and see what they have read and spur their interests.

"Mesa spirit, proud and mighty.
We're the class of 1990.
Seniors, Seniors, M-H-S!"
-Class yell

I will never understand why a person would go to bed so late, but oh well. I will have to be ho…