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Hunter's 10th Birthday

My baby is 10 today! I can't believe it!! It is crazy to me to think that just 10 years ago I was laying in the hospital gazing at my newborn baby thinking "I could stare at you all day" and "where in the heck were you inside my body??" (he was laying with his head on my chest and his feet were on the bed). It has been an amazing ten years! He is the sweetest, most amazing kid - with a crazy attitude streak every now and again. I guess that makes him a normal preteen. UUGGHHH Preteen??!!?!!??

Hunter decided that for his birthday dinner we would go to Red Lobster - this is not a surprise as we go here for each of his birthday dinners. He loves Crab Legs!! He ate an entire pound of them. Mom and Allen came with us. I know the pictures are dark - I forgot my camera and only had my phone.

First Appointment

I had my first Dr. appointment yesterday - it was a little last minute - so thanks Cecily for watching Jilly. I appreciate it!! He did an ultrasound and it turns out that I am a week behind what we thought. I am only about 5 weeks because I ovulate so late so he wasn't able to see the heartbeat. That makes me a little nervous. The doc seemed fine with it. He said he could see everything developing as it should at 5 weeks and that normally you can't detect a heartbeat until about 6 weeks. So I have another appointment in a week and a half. That one Greg can come with and see everything too. Other than that everything else is very normal. I love normal!!!! (I don't get that a lot in my world) :-)

Our new vehicle!

I am so excited!!! We got a new Tahoe!! Since the baby is coming we were going to need a car that seated 9. I have wanted a Tahoe since I was pregnant with Jilly. That was my plan then ..... but the van fell in our laps and it was too good of a deal to pass up. So, my dreams of a Tahoe went on hold. Now that I have another "reason" to need a new car I get serious. After a couple of weeks of looking for a few vehicles that met our criteria and a very long day of being on the phone and negotiating with numerous car dealerships, we finally came to terms that everyone could agree on with this beautiful vehicle. YEAH!!! I am soo excited. It will be squishy with all the kids - but we all love each other. :-)