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Guessing the 5 letter word

January 23, 1993

Gregory S. Woolf -
Let me begin by guessing at this five letter S word... If I guess it you have to tell me!!

Scott? Steve? O.K. Now I have the baby name book out... Salim? Salem? Sammy? Sandy? Sarge? Sully? Sauly? Saxon? Sayer? Shawn? Shane? Shaun? Selby? (I like that name) Selig? Serge? Shayn? Sheff? Shell? Sherm? Silas? Simon? Skell? Skipp? Slade? Sloan? Smith? Solly? Spark? Stacy? Stace? Stevy? Stern? Strep? Sully? Svend?

That's all that are in the book with five letters. Now - I'll be very shocked if it's not listed above. So... which is it? :)

Thanks for the letter! I love mail!!! :) Up until now I was beginning to believe that you didn't own any paper - just the missionary sheets. :)

I'll refer to your letter first - than I'll go off on my own tangents. :) Dorian, (that was the music festival I attended in Decorah) went great! It was soo much fun! There were only seven of us - so it was a blast! (7 from my school, that is :) )
However, my solo …

First reply!

January 12, 1993

I'm sorry it's taken me soo long to write - I've been sooo busy. Hey- let me ask you a question: How far away is Cedar Rapids from Decorah? 'Cause I just got back from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. I was there for Dorian ( a big music festival) Thanks for telling me about Joe moving. No - he hasn't written me for ages and I'm not expecting any letters soon, either.

You wouldn't by any chance have any other pictures of you I can have? Possibly one with you smiling would be nice! :) Where do you want to go to college after your mission? I'm going to Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota (by Fargo, ND).

Guess what! I' made the semi-finals for their music scholarship!! I had to share that with you because I'm really excited! :)

Tell me why you don't like BYU? ('cause ndither do I, and my friends rag on me a lot because of it.) I think after your mission you should come to Minnesota and we can sit and …