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Thanksgiving this year was a bit crazy. I was sick and had the flu. I ended up in the hospital twice with dehydration. At least I wasn't really sick on Thanksgiving day. Because we had the holidays this year the girls were able to celebrate with us. We went to Cecily and Jason's for the celebration. Thanks guys for hosting it!!

There were soo many people there! Scott and Gina and their family came from Flagstaff. Jenny and Ken and their family came from Utah. Unfortunately Mom and Allen were home sick and David was in the hospital with heart problems.

I am glad that everyone has turned out healthy and I am soooo very thankful for my family. I love you all and I am blessed to have you all in my life!!

Of Spam and Good Stories

This story deserves a link. Usually I get these things in a spam so I am greatful to have read this on a blog and get to enjoy it's message. Let's face it, sometimes we get a good story in a SPAM or CHAIN eMail and it just ruins it because it was regurgitated by some thoughtless forwarder. So the message might be good, but the the delivery is abrasive and rude. just my 2 cents.

I have very thoughtful, considerate, and responsible relatives. ;-)

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A Disco with the in-laws.

A video of my little chiquita.

Veterans Day Tribute

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So at work today we took some time out (at around 2:00pm) to attend the Pinal County 8th Annual Veterans Day Tribute.

We watched the Color Guard and the Fighter Plane (F-16) Fly by, said the pledge of allegiance, and then listened to David Maestas (a veteran of the Air Force) our public works employee, speak.

He gave a pretty heartwarming commentary on the life of his hero father and informed us that often we forget the Veterans who are victims of the tragedies of war. He told stories about Veterans who act 'crazy' but only because no one knows their story or sad experiences that have effected them so deeply.

Overall, it was one of the better speeches I have heard regarding the subject.

Thanks to all the veterans!!!

I heart Vectors!

I really love vector artwork. I found a tool that will unraster and vectorize things for "FREE". (it does a good job too!)

Just A Fun Friday Post!

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So I was going through my regular RSS feeds and saw a link to some interesting eCards.

I like the contrast between the 'message' and the 'clip art'.