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Card postmarked May 15, 1993


The card read:

Sometimes when things aren't going great for me,
I'll get a call from you that turns my whole mood around.
I think God put you in my life because He knew what a positive difference you'd make.
My relationship with you doesn't require that I be anything but myself,
Because you accept the real me.
I want you to know just how much that means and that of the many blessings in my life,
You're one of the greatest.

Dear Jen,

Hey Good Friend! I was most definitely surprised to hear from you. I was also very excited to hear your voice. I was quite serious when I talked of traveling to Minnesota but we will have to see what happens. My Dad said, "You can't get the cart before the horse, Son". My Dad did say that it is important to follow my dreams but to do it in the proper order. The big reason I would like to go up to Minnesota rather than have you come to Arizona first is…

05/03/1993 postcard

Dear Jennifer,

How are things in Roseville, MN? I have been thinking quite seriously about visiting after my mission. I hope I have not scared you off by the crazy tape I have sent you. It was difficult to tell you some of the things I wanted to because Elder Humphreys gives me a hard time. He teases me, I think, because he has never dated before in his life and feels uncomfortable when I talk about "those things". Even if you think I am completely bizarre please know that I will always consider you a best friend.

Elder Greg Woolf

P.S. Elder Humphreys wanted me to ask you if your phone number is 481-8029. I don't know how he could have it. He lives all the way in California.