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Greg's Story

Well soon after I was divorced I went to an internet dating site that was kind of the Mormon equivalent of eHarmony it was called LDS promise. They have an extensive online questionnaire that asks you a ton of questions so that they can find your EXACT match. Well it turns out the first person that comes up as my EXACT match is a user called Jenshep.

Let me go back so that you can understand a few things. When I was a missionary in Iowa, I wrote to a beautiful girl with whom a former companion hooked me up. Elder Joseph Croft was writing to several girls from back home (MN) and so he got sick of me complaining that I had no one to write so he gave me Jennifer's address. We wrote from that day forward until a few months after my mission. She used to sign all the return address info with JenShep so this "name" was very familiar to me.

I was certainly startled by the 'connection'. I was probably more shocked by the idea that I could make contact with an old friend. I …