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Awesome craziness!!

OK so here is some potential happy craziness……. Brad and I went to mediation yesterday to try and negotiate my move with the boys. We left there two hours later no closer to any negotiations than we had been for the last three months. Then today out of the blue he calls me to ask how long I would be willing to stay in Minnesota if he agreed to negotiate. Greg and I had previously discussed this question and had agreed that even if the boys and I stayed in Minnesota until August that it would be better to have the “bird in the hand” so to speak and a signed agreement. So I told Brad that I would be willing to stay until August 1st. He wanted a few tweaks on my last proposal but seems willing to agree that I take the boys with me to Arizona for the school year and he has them for the summer. Now, I am not holding my breath quite yet as there is no signature on any dotted line…..but we are soo much closer than we were yesterday. Right now I am amazed at what the Lord can do. I ha…

Great times, safe travel

Just thought I would post a note and say thanks to my wonderful wife for always being the gem that I adore so much.

You are sneaky... How did you manage to get me to teach your lesson? Next time I'm gonna have to just put tape over my mouth... (I'd probably end up looking as silly as that senior primary boy in sharing time.. LOL )

Sorry again for the frustration at dinner on Saturday night. BUT making up with you is sooooo incredible, who wouldn't want to 'work it out'? :P

Well it's back to the telephone routine.. I will call you in the morning.

I love you tons and want you to know that I am soooo blessed to you have you in my life...

Thanks GOD... ( don't worry we will still be in close communication about the details of the physical arrangement)


I love you JEN!

Here we go again!

Well, I just put him on a plane and he is on his way back to Arizona. This is the worst part of the whole thing. I will feel better when he calls me after he has landed. We had a great time! Even if it was for only two days - that is better than nothing. And I didn't even have to let him out of my sight much at all!! We started the weekend out by attending an endowment session at the Temple. I am amazed every time I everything. At the knowledge, at the feelings, everything. I cannot imagine how a couple who attend the Temple together regularly could not work through ANYTHING! It is wonderful and amazing - and I get this way EVERYTIME I go. I hope that as the years pass, my excitement for going and feeling all of these wonderful feelings never changes. If it does I need someone to pull this out and make me read Anyway, My friend Kandi watched the boys for us (Thanks a ton Kandi - you rock!! I love ya!). Because Greg had gotten in late we were running a bit late…


I thought I would post a quick post. I am very anxious to see Greg tomorrow! He is coming for the weekend and I can bearly contain myself. He gets discount rates now that his mom work for America West and so it makes it very nice and very convenient. I also found this picture and thought it would be very fun to post it on the site. This is the first picture Greg and I ever took together. This is at the Minneapolis airport July 30, 1993 - The first time we ever met. Aren't we cute....and YOUNG!!!! :-)