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Short and sweet

February 19, 1993

My dearest missionary - :)

Hey buddy! I'm soo sorry it's been so long since I've written. Things have been a zoo around here. The move went well. We are now all moved in and settled. The new place isn't too bad. Our new apt. # is 133. Remember that everything is the same except #133!!

Nothing else is really new. I didn't get the scholarshp from Concordia. :( So I've been kind of bummed about that lately.

Tell me more about your new area. How's your new companion? Do you know what I want? I want you to tell me some of your favorite missionary stories and your favorite scripture. I love hearing missionary stories.

It is now February 20th. And I'm exhausted. I better cruiz - write soon! :)

<3 Jen

Undated postcard

Dear Jennifer,

I just realized that I promised you a picture and forgot to enclose it. I do promise you I will send it in my next letter. Also, if you have any problems with getting a picture, I can send you some film to help out. If you also have difficulty getting film developed you could send me the film and I will get it developed. Just some suggestions that might help. (can you tell I don't get many pictures?)

Elder Woolf

Minnesota Zoo Postcard

February 9, 1993

Hey buddy! I'm sorry I haven't written sooner - and don't have time for a letter - but as soon as the move is through (sat. :) ) I'll have time to think again!! I just didn't want you to think I had forgotten you! The move is hectic, but other than that MN is normal. I hope you have a great Valentine's day - and I'll write soon!



The new address is exactly the same - but #133 :)

Keep your corners up!! :)

February 1, 1993


Hurray! You have guessed my middle name first off. I know that you would get it first thing. Boy I'll bet you are so relieved to find out my middle name after writing down all those names. Boy, you certainly did your research.I have also discovered a name that you like through it all.

On with everything else. I admire you very much for your cherry attitude and your admonition to smile all the time. Everyone seems to always love a smiling face. Everyone wants to be loved so I see this as very helpful advice.

CAMPING RULES! The mountains are definately my home and sometimes its hard not to get homesick. I love the beauty and majesty of the mountains. WOW! And the things that they have taught me. To me not to many things compare to climbing the face of a cliff. The cliff teaches you all about yourself! 1. You can climb anything and do anything within the limits of your own capacity. 2. Always trust yourself. 3. Overcome your fears or you never get any higher. I …