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Preparing for the party

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So I have become very laxed in my writing and keeping everyone up to date. So since I was doing some things out of the ordinary , I thought I would let you all know about it. I just spent the last hour painting almonds. I painted them red with food coloring so that tomorrow I can make them the fingernails to witch finger cookies. Madison is having her birthday party tomorrow night. She decided that she would like to have a Halloween costume birthday party. She is very excited!!! The menu looks like this: Dragon's Blood Punch (apple juice, cranberry juice, and Hawaiian Punch), Witch Finger Cookies (sugar cookies with red almonds at the tip), Pumpkin Patch Cake (pumpkin shaped cupcakes), Mummy Slime (ice cream), Graveyard Mud (chocolate pudding with gummy worms), Eye of Newt Chips (blue tortilla chips), Spider Web Dip (guacamole with sour cream in the shape of a spider web), Deadly Drizzled Popcorn (this is one of Leslie's famil…