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Dear Jennifer,

Things here are going okay. School is getting easier but will be difficult until my grades start showing it. I had an opportunity to go to General Conference this weekend and sit in the Tabernacle. The benches are hard and it is difficult to pay attention. We had a good time at Conference but next time I’ll know not to try and get in the Tabernacle.

I was in a car accident a few weeks ago but no one was hurt. I did quite a bit of damage to the car I was driving though. My mother commented about you the other day. She said “I think Jennifer has reacted to this situation in a very positive way and I admire that, she should be commended.” I agree!

So what made you decide to go to Texas? I am pretty sure your mother being away had quite a bit to do with it. I miss my mother when I am away for too long. Do you know what you plan to do when you get there? Where would you be going to school? I am glad you wrote because it helped me to feel that writing you was more of…