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Mother's Day

This is what happens when your well intentioned children take their little sister so mom can sleep in on Mother's day morning:

....... She eats pictures and gets the ink all over herself, of course! Just a quick note to tell all the mom's in my life that I love you all! I am so thankful for all of the advice (good and bad) that I get. I am a better mom for having you all in my life!!

Family Photos

Hrmm.. I hope the above photo doesn't qualify as Awkward.


The perfect shirt for Jileighan.

You'll have to ask Jen to tell you the story on this one...
but I found a T-shirt that is almost perfect for the occasion.

JEN'S NOTE: The cat threw up on Kendall's bed and Jilly happened to find it before I did.
My sister's favorite text message: Jilly ate cat vomit for breakfast. Should I be worried??

He is now a 2 dog man

After much debate, I have convinced Greg that he really could be a "two dog man". A free cocker spaniel fell into our possession. My mother (who is currently addicted to the humane society - and is bringing home her fourth dog tomorrow [crazy woman!!]) came across a woman who was needing a new home for her one year old cocker. After much negotiation (and the promise of a new super computer) Callie came to live with us. So far, she has been a great dog!!