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Practically a book!

April 11, 1993

Hey buddy!

I felt so stupid after I mailed your last letter - the pic that I was going to enclose was sitting on my desk. Sorry :) I'll definately try and remember to put it in this one.

O.K. I'm not in a marker mood. :) Thanks for your letter. It's awesome to come home to mail! California was great!! Not as warm as I would've liked it - but... better than here. :)

Here - Ill answer all your questions, and then I'll tell you all about my trip. :) I sing alto/soprano. Whenever my director neeeds me . :) My range is about low G to High G - so I have about a 2 octave range. Heck yeah! I'm always singing! A lot of times I'll pretend I'm in a musical and I'll break out in song about what I'm doing. :)
Kind of corny - but hey... it's me!! :)

Mom's operation went well and she's on her road to recovery.

Can I ask you a favor? Can you keep her in your prayers - and pray that she won't be as cranky anymore! Thanks!! I&#…

April 3, 1993

Dear Jennifer,

I am greatly relieved to receive a letter from you. I am also glad that you were busy because that means you did not refuse to write me for any other unknown person. In other words - Thanks for the letter, Jen!

I'm glad that you enjoyed your time while at the solo/ensemble. I remember when I went to one and we did pretty good. Your score sounds wonderful and I hope to get the opportunity to hear you sing. Are you soprano or alto? What is your range? I like to sing tenor or bass, so you might say that I am a baritone but with a wider range. I forgot which instrument you play. I guess I need to get out some old letters. I really enjoy playing the harmonica. I have taken years of lessons but never practiced enough. So I can only play the piano a little. I really enjoy singing and find myself humming or singing a tune all of the sudden. I especially like to sing musicals. fun songs like those from The Music Man, Oklahoma, Singing in the Rain, and 7 Brides fo…