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Big Weekend!

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

Well this weekend went rather well. A checklist of things I accomplished went as follows:
Attended a School carnival planned and executed by relatives with whom I am extremely pleased to be associated.Mowed and trimmed my parents lawnWatched some worthwhile television on CW6. (Gotta love local stations that play GC)Hung out with my brothers on Saturday Evening. Learned some sign language essentials.Visited with representatives from a different culture.Received compliments on the intelligence and wisdom of my family.So that' s the quick and dirty. I will elaborate a bit more on some items.My Sister-in-law was the mastermind behind the Keller Elementary School Carnival. We helped out a bit, as well as enjoyed some of the games and bouncy castle thingies. Danny only got lost once (and not for very long) but it managed to scare him enough earlier in the evening that he was more aware of where he was in relation to us (his parents). Conference…