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Clearance Story - Jen's Perspective

Clearance storyThis story all begins on September 14, 2005.Greg and I had made the decision to get married the next time he was in town which would be October 15th (Sweetest Day).I called the St. Paul, MinnesotaTemple to make the appointment.They began asking me questions.One of the questions was “has Greg been sealed previously?” since the answer was yes they then asked “does he have a clearance?”.I was fairly new to this aspect of the gospel.I had no idea what a clearance was but I figured Greg knew a lot more about all of this than I did and answered “I’m sure he does.”They made the appointment for October 15th at 1:30 p.m.I called Greg to tell him we were scheduled and told him about the conversation I had with the temple worker.His response was “What’s a clearance?”This did not bode well for us.Fortunately, I had an appointment with my stake president, President Painter, later that evening in order to get my temple recommend (as I was going to be endowed on the 23rd).I went to th…

The Story.

So lately I have been telling the 'clearance' story quite a bit lately. It has dawned on me however, that the story changes slightly, each time I tell it. I get the general gist of it, but it's much better with all the 'cool' details.

So in the next couple of days, I need to collaborate with my wonderful wife and get the 'true' and 'complete' story written down.

(I think I wrote it somewhere but can't find that record)

Sick kids

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

So I have spent the last few weeks taking care of sick kids...and trying (without much success) not to catch anything myself. Hunter had strep and an ear infection, Danny has had a fever and severe stomach pains, Madison has pneumonia, and Hana has an upper respiratory infection. I have a stuffy nose (which the ENT says is totally related to the pregnancy), and cough and am now trying to get over a severe ear infection. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!

Here's the crazy part: The girls complain about their symptoms to their mom but she doesn't do anything about it except brush them off or give them a pill (who knows what that medication might be) then when they come to our house we bring them to urgent care BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK!! and she gets mad. Go figure!!!

But at least everyone is being taken care of any are on a variety of drugs!! Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers that the illnesses will all leave and we can resume a resemblance of normal l…