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Summer is Coming

I received this email from a friend of mine. I laugh sooo hard everytime I look at it! I thought I would share it with you. She is from Minnesota, of course........

Summer is almost here.....we can now see the deer moving around.
Yep, won't be long . . .

New background

So I think I finally have this blog thing figured out. I went online and figured out how to change the background of our blog. I was ready for something different. Like it? I also added pictures of the kids along the side. Apparently I am in the mood for redecorating.

If I was closer to having this baby, I would be nesting....

So first off......this is me :-) I am not quite 6 weeks along (I will be on Tuesday) and I am larger than some people that are six months.........hmmm.....reasons this is a good thing: 1) I don't have to feel bad about spending money on maternity clothes, because I will wear them out 2) No one has to wonder if I am pregnant or if I am just chubby 3) You can never get tired of hearing 'are you sure you aren't having twins or triplets?' and 4) (my personal favorite) I like to give my babies the best - they live in a mansion while others keep their babies in an apartment.

So, I had a return this morning at Ross. Because Greg was with me when we bought the items I was returning, he had used his card. Since I didn't have his card with me, they would only give me store credit. This, my friends, is a VERY dangerous situation. I had a gift card with $32.00 on it. You don't really expect me to walk out of the store with it do you???? Well, I didn't.....and I sp…

Soccer is cancelled

It has been raining NON-STOP for the last couple of weeks. It is crazy the amount of water. Who knew we had lake front property!! So I took a picture of the soccer field. If it wasn't so cold, I would have let the kids go swimming!

I'm Pregnant!!

YEAH!!! I'm pregnant!! We just found out. An online pregnancy calendar says that I am due on September 27th. I am soo excited!!!

Post #2 in January - DON'T PASS OUT!!!!

Here I am for post #2 and it is still January....can you believe it????? Well we have had a VERY busy couple of weeks. Greg and I have new stake callings. Yes, stake callings. That is never good. It is never good to get on the stake radar!! But we have been called as Assistant Coordinators for the Trek in December. It should be a ton of fun....interesting to see what happens when the two oldest girls hear they will be attending this fun filled event!!!! ;-)

Also, and probably the most life changing information is that we found out Greg is allergic to....everything!! Well, specifically WHEAT, OATS, SHRIMP, CHICKEN, TURKEY, CORN, RICE, and ORANGES. It is crazy!! These allergies are sooo encompassing. Things that you would never even think about. Such as - his medication has cornstarch in them; candy bars are molded by using a wheat by product; just about anything sweet had corn syrup in it; all gluten (wheat) free products are made with corn or rice. We have had a tough time figuring out…

Happy New Year!

So it is January 2010. I know that I post a new post at the beginning of every year indicating that I am going to post more this year than last.....well, since I only posted 5 times last year that goal should not be too hard to obtain. I love looking at every one's "blog books" and want to make some of my own. I realize that in order to accomplish this I actually have to blog. Maybe I will actually do it this year. That is certainly my hope.

After reading everyone's blogs, you all made me think about what has happened in the last decade. As 2010 begins, I look back at the last 10 years and am amazed at the time that has come and gone. The big moments of the last 10 years of my life are.....

Gave birth to Hunter James

Moved to Ramsey
Started going back to church in the Anoka Ward

Gave birth to Daniel Bradley

Quit Kenwood Chiropractic Arts to move on to bigger and better things

Got Divorced
Buried my step mom
Started working at Hopkins Health & Wellness …