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Woolf men @ DB ballgame

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

I went with my Father and Brothers to a Diamondbacks baseball game today. It was pretty fun. The people behind us left in the middle of the game and offered us their peanuts. Hey, free can't beat free peanuts! ... Well actually, we did win a free "chalupa" from Taco Bell because they scored more than 8 runs. So instead of waiting in traffic we decided to eat our free chalupa. Wouldn't you know it, the brief pitstop gave us a traffic free ride home.

Wow.. It's been like.... forever!

My wonderful wife and I are coming closer to our 1 yr anniversary. YAY!
The labor day weekend was great! We went on a hike up at Oak Flats Campground and the boys managed to find a few micro sized frogs. (the size of a fingertip)

We came home and enjoyed a great time with family at my house. I am soo happy that my family enjoys hanging out at my place. We practice singing a song for my sister's wedding. She is still slated to be married this month on the 19th. Yay!