February 1, 1993


Hurray! You have guessed my middle name first off. I know that you would get it first thing. Boy I'll bet you are so relieved to find out my middle name after writing down all those names. Boy, you certainly did your research.I have also discovered a name that you like through it all.

On with everything else. I admire you very much for your cherry attitude and your admonition to smile all the time. Everyone seems to always love a smiling face. Everyone wants to be loved so I see this as very helpful advice.

CAMPING RULES! The mountains are definately my home and sometimes its hard not to get homesick. I love the beauty and majesty of the mountains. WOW! And the things that they have taught me. To me not to many things compare to climbing the face of a cliff. The cliff teaches you all about yourself! 1. You can climb anything and do anything within the limits of your own capacity. 2. Always trust yourself. 3. Overcome your fears or you never get any higher. I wish you could experience the joy and the invigoration that comes from climbing. I find it strengthens me spiritually.

I think I understand what you mean about letting loose. The last letter sounded quite formal because I was trying to do two things ar once. It was very hard to think. I wish I could let you know exactly how I am but I am afraid it is rather difficult because I am not around you or we have not met.

I am very excited that you think that you think that you think that we share the same ideas about B.Y.U. I especially like it when I feel like someone understands me and that I am not alone. Sharing sure makes you feel good doesn't it. I just love sharing!

Anyway, I definately feel that B.Y.U has ruined the spirit of fun and enjoyment by the strict rules it holds. I would have to agree with Joseph Smilth who said "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves." It is unfortunate that these administrative flaws have put a bad taste in the mouths of many.

Jennifer, I thank you very much for showing me the importane of my family and how I should never take them for granted. I count my blessings to know that I have a very loving family that always makes me feel thatI am of great worth and importance. My mother and my father especially, have taught us all to extend the family whenever we can and to value others outside our immediate family. It's funny because many times I bring a date home to meet my family she falls in love with them. I am greatful now to discover on my mission what it is that made others fall in love with my family. It's sharing! Isn't sharing great! I practically feel the spirit just thinking about it.

I feel very bad that your were "stiffed in the cracks so to speak and now may feel left alone. All I can say is (and I realize it may be a very touchy subject) that you are always welcome to come visit my family. My sister just loves to make new friends and she and I have very similar interests. I love my family and want to show them off to everyone.

I will have to keep in mind that you are moving. Please help me out as I may forget.

You know, I really hope we get a chance to meet some day and talk or something. You sound like a very fun and facinating person.

Take care and always remember your trademark!

Elder Gregory SCOTT Woolf

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