Dear Jennifer,

Things here are going okay. School is getting easier but will be difficult until my grades start showing it. I had an opportunity to go to General Conference this weekend and sit in the Tabernacle. The benches are hard and it is difficult to pay attention. We had a good time at Conference but next time I’ll know not to try and get in the Tabernacle.

I was in a car accident a few weeks ago but no one was hurt. I did quite a bit of damage to the car I was driving though. My mother commented about you the other day. She said “I think Jennifer has reacted to this situation in a very positive way and I admire that, she should be commended.” I agree!

So what made you decide to go to Texas? I am pretty sure your mother being away had quite a bit to do with it. I miss my mother when I am away for too long. Do you know what you plan to do when you get there? Where would you be going to school? I am glad you wrote because it helped me to feel that writing you was more of a priority. I have a bunch of other people to write also but I figured a letter to you came first. I am now working to improve my ability to concentrate, to plan, and to enjoy the things in my life. Things seem to work out just fine. My family has been quite stressed out lately so I am glad Conference helped to relieve some of the stress. Well, it’s back to my psychology homework that I love so much. Take care and be sure to enjoy your time with your mother. Say “Hi” to her for me and let her know that I am doing well.

Greg Woolf


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