Hunter is 6!!

We had Hunter's birthday party today! It was soo much fun. First we went to see "Miss Nelson is Missing" performed at the Stages Theatre. It was a lot of fun - except the boys didn't like the 'apple part' (where the teacher and the janitor both took a bite of apple at the same time and it looked like they were kissing). Unfortunately Greg missed the end of the play because of a certain unnamed irritant - but what do you do!! After the play we returned to the house for cake and ice cream. I had the cake made at a local grocery story, Cub Foods. They did such a GREAT job!!

It was so nice to have Greg's parents join us for the party and a couple of days. The house was full but very cozy! I think his parents had a good time seeing Minnesota. I went walking one day with Barbara - she is amazing!! I thought I was going to die by the time we were done - and it was as if nothing fazed the woman!! It was cold walking in the snow - but not as cold as the next day when she went on her own. It was 5 degrees out and she was gone for over an hour. That is dedication!! She is my hero!! It was nice to have a chance for them to meet my family.

Hunter got so many wonderful gifts - although he doesn't actually look it he loved the Bionicles. Thanks Aunt Leslie, Uncle Christian and girls!!

Danny had a VERY hard time with the fact that only Hunter was getting presents. Hunter let him help open a couple but that wasn't good enough for Danny - he wanted them ALL!!!


scrapmom3 said…
First of all, I'm so excited about everything being finalized. I can't wait for you guys to get here. But I don't blame you for spending the summer in cool country.

Yes, Barbara's amazing. In so many ways. I just love her.

Happy Birthday, Hunter! I'm glad you got good loot. :)

Wish you were here. Hugs and love,

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