Big Weekend!

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

Annual Meeting of the brotherhood.

Well this weekend went rather well. A checklist of things I accomplished went as follows:
  • Attended a School carnival planned and executed by relatives with whom I am extremely pleased to be associated.
  • Mowed and trimmed my parents lawn
  • Watched some worthwhile television on CW6. (Gotta love local stations that play GC)
  • Hung out with my brothers on Saturday Evening.
  • Learned some sign language essentials.
  • Visited with representatives from a different culture.
  • Received compliments on the intelligence and wisdom of my family.

So that' s the quick and dirty. I will elaborate a bit more on some items.

My Sister-in-law was the mastermind behind the Keller Elementary School Carnival. We helped out a bit, as well as enjoyed some of the games and bouncy castle thingies. Danny only got lost once (and not for very long) but it managed to scare him enough earlier in the evening that he was more aware of where he was in relation to us (his parents).

Conference had some poinient(sp?) topics and seemed to emphasize a great many things I need to be aware of in my life. It did make me consider the wonderful blessing of having a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and reasonable companion with which I have the wonder fortune of being marrying.

I went with my brothers (and Adam Russell, token canadian) to Chili's after priesthood on Saturday. Adam was kind enough to corrupt our minds with instruction on how to 'sign' those words they don't teach you in sunday school. (sidenote: Adam is an interpreter for the deaf. No, not his children, the deaf. Close, but not the same). We learned how to sign 'Toronto', the various technical terms for members of 'Rainbow Nation' society, and various activites that are done between two consenting adults (in the context of the opposite sex of course). We then got the brilliant idea of seeing a movie. '300' was the movie of choice and so we called our respective spouses to inform them of our extended hours of night-out activity (Joel just checked his voicemail) and we were off to the movies.

I will have to say that I am quite disappointed by the fact that late night movies are almost $10. Yikes!

The movie was most excellent, as it had plenty of cinematic excellence and played on the primal urges of most Men. So basically, lots of fighting and bloodshed in which we had the privilege of seeing each drop from multiple angles as the camera swooped and swirled around the battling warriors. Wayyyy coool!

On Sunday we enjoyed the company of guests at my brother's house. Their foreign exchange student from sweden had her parents come for a visit. We had a All-American hot dogs and intelligent conversation.

So that's about the short and long of it.

Oh.. and I love my wife! ;-)


Jennifer said…
Welcome back to the posting side of the blogger world. I wonder if it will take you another 6 months to post again?!

I just had to add my vote of disappointment that movie theaters are bilking us out of so much cash these days! Geesh! I have to REALLY want to see a movie to go to a theater anymore. I guess there is no better follow up to listening to the prophet than to watch men killing each other.

Your closing sentiment for your wife is very sweet though!
scrapmom4 said…
Good to see you're blogging again!

For the record, I wasn't the mastermind. Just a helper. And thanks to you and Jen for helping out!

It was great having you guys over. We like visiting with you.

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