Vanpool Shenanigans

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Good morning blogland!

We have the most interesting conversations on our Vanpool each morning.
Yesterday we spoke about how "Brain Farts" is too harsh a term and should be substituted for something with less imagery. So we decided that "Mind Flatulence" is a much better term. ;-)

Today the subject was more along the lines of nakedness and hairy men. Stories were exchanged about accidently making a male hairy nipple into ones computer desktop background and of course not being able to remove it. (Funny stuff) Or the hilarious discussion about the men with abundant back hair that floats in the pool like the tenticles of a sea anenome. ( I guess you would have to be there, trust me, it was funny).

I am always one who appreciates clever and creative ideas, so when I got this link from a friend I felt particularly inspired. I usually don't sew, but I'm thinking this would make a great FHE activity. Maybe we can get the Relief Society involved. (What's better than a Blood Puddle Pillow)

I will try and post some Easter Pics soon.


scrapmom4 said…
Oh yeah, I can see a stack of these in my birthday box that we give gifts from when we forget to buy something in time. Too funny.
GeoWulf said…
Easy to make and fun to photograph.

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