Whew! What a busy month!

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

Well, I live an a new house. I have new roommates (two and four-legged variety).
New appliances and new payments.
My 'relationships' are in quite a roller coaster state.
My in-laws and parents are hyper-sensitive emotionally and I miss my wife terribly!

My X is a pain!

I love my wife more than anything! She is such an awesome mother, lover and friend!
I can't wait for her to join me in our new home and make it the best Woolf Den EVER!!

Oh BTW, if anyone wants to come visit we live just North of Anthem at Merrill Ranch on Hunt Highway and just south of Arizona Farms Road. Turn right at the water tower just after you cross the train tracks (while heading South).

I need a vacation!


scrapmom4 said…
Congrats on the new house! We need to come visit. Tell Jen hi!

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