That camera adds 10 pounds, right???

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

With the end of my pregnancy drawing near I wanted some pictures taken so that I could remember my belly in all its glory. Now, I know that I am huge....but I don't think I realized how huge I was until I saw the pics.

See Andie - I promised!!
Now, these have not been touched by Greg's handy dandy program that makes all bad things disappear - hence the reason my arms are still fat. :-) But this is me in all my glory. Everyone is amazed that I am willing to post them... but I actually think it is amazing what the body does when you are pregnant and I think it is fun to look at them.
I am scheduled to be induced next Wednesday, June 11th. So I am glad we were able to get the pictures taken before then.

I saw a picture of a pregnant belly with a child's hand on it and tried to duplicate it. Kendall was sleeping so there are only 4 of the children behind me. Greg is going to touch this one up, focus more on the belly and make it black and white...but this is the preliminary picture. I will let you know how it turns out.


Andie said…
Okay, you know I am waiting..... ;-)
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Yeah you finally added something! I checl all the time waiting to see pics of you, the kids, a new baby etc. But I'll take this for now! Hope you all are well,
Andie said…
So beautiful! I love them! Good job, Greg. Oh, yeah, you're doing a dang good job growing that baby,too, Jen. We'll be thinking about you next week. ;-)
Jennifer said…
Someday you'll be so glad you took time to write about how sweet this time is! I'm back in the blogging "saddle", but with a new address:

Hope all is well with your new little one!
scrapmom4 said…
Cool! I love it. Good for you.

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