Guessing the 5 letter word

January 23, 1993

Gregory S. Woolf -
Let me begin by guessing at this five letter S word... If I guess it you have to tell me!!

Scott? Steve? O.K. Now I have the baby name book out... Salim? Salem? Sammy? Sandy? Sarge? Sully? Sauly? Saxon? Sayer? Shawn? Shane? Shaun? Selby? (I like that name) Selig? Serge? Shayn? Sheff? Shell? Sherm? Silas? Simon? Skell? Skipp? Slade? Sloan? Smith? Solly? Spark? Stacy? Stace? Stevy? Stern? Strep? Sully? Svend?

That's all that are in the book with five letters. Now - I'll be very shocked if it's not listed above. So... which is it? :)

Thanks for the letter! I love mail!!! :) Up until now I was beginning to believe that you didn't own any paper - just the missionary sheets. :)

I'll refer to your letter first - than I'll go off on my own tangents. :) Dorian, (that was the music festival I attended in Decorah) went great! It was soo much fun! There were only seven of us - so it was a blast! (7 from my school, that is :) )
However, my solo didn't go as well as I would've liked - but nothing to ruffle my feathers over. :)
No - I didn't want the pictures to see your teeth. I'd just like to see your smile. :) But good dental hygiene is nice to have - congratulations. :) I'm a very smiley person! I love to smile.
People always say that my dimples are my trademark (they're indentations! - not just dimples :) )
I love mountains, also. While I was in Utah this past summer for EFY, a couple friends and I camped out one night in the canyon. It was totally fear !! :)
Can I ask you one question, or shall I say favor? Don't be so formal in your letters. Let loose - let me see you! :) Does that make any sense? Probably not, huh. Oh well. Please don't take that personally. I'm sorry.
I'm very excited to go to college. This coming weekend I'm heading up to Concordia. (That's where I'm going next year - in Moorhead, MN ) I'm going up there for the finals for their music scholarship. I'm soo excited!!! :)
You & I think a heck of a lot alike! BYU rules are a big reason why I don't like it, too. I've been there 3 times for EFY. And I agree totally with you!
Your family sounds awesome! I've always wished I had had a big family. But oh well.
I'm not sure exactly what I've told you about my family or my future family - but let me give you one piece of advice... When you have your own children never let anyone or anything make them feel second best or unimportant. Promise yourself that! Now - I will explain why I said that. My parents were divorced when I was 10. After my daddy moved out we became very good friends and were very close.
Everytime I called him he came and picked me up and we'd hang out. Just me & my daddy. Well - about the time I turned 13 my daddy met a woman named Gloria. The more she came into the picture - the further away I was pushed. Soon I was totally replaced. I realize I hold a lot of anger toward my father. Things have never been the same since.
I'm sorry - I guess that was pretty depressing, huh? I guess that's been all that's been on my mind these past few days. My mom just returned home from Tampa - she was on a business trip. Well my father & Gloria spend the winter there so mom saw them. I was going to buy a plane ticket to Tampa and spend my spring break there. The only thing my father would need to supply would be a roof over my head. Well - he now told me that I'm not allowed to stay with them. So I'm pretty ticked (to say the least.) I guess my whole point was just to give you some advice - because I'd never want anyone else to go through this - if I have any say in the matter.
I'm sorry - I guess that was my little tangent. :) I don't think too much else is happening on my homefront. Oh yeah - we're moving. As of Feb. 13 send mail to exactly the same address except #133. Big move, huh? 3 floors down!! :)
I suppose I better cruiz - Have a great day!
Write soon!

Love always -

Jennifer L Shepardson

Keep your corners - up ! :)


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