April 3, 1993

Dear Jennifer,

I am greatly relieved to receive a letter from you. I am also glad that you were busy because that means you did not refuse to write me for any other unknown person. In other words - Thanks for the letter, Jen!

I'm glad that you enjoyed your time while at the solo/ensemble. I remember when I went to one and we did pretty good. Your score sounds wonderful and I hope to get the opportunity to hear you sing. Are you soprano or alto? What is your range? I like to sing tenor or bass, so you might say that I am a baritone but with a wider range. I forgot which instrument you play. I guess I need to get out some old letters. I really enjoy playing the harmonica. I have taken years of lessons but never practiced enough. So I can only play the piano a little. I really enjoy singing and find myself humming or singing a tune all of the sudden. I especially like to sing musicals. fun songs like those from The Music Man, Oklahoma, Singing in the Rain, and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Do you ever find yourself singing while driving or while working and things?

Your mother has quite the operation that is coming up. I saw an operation like it on television once and they used all kinds of interesting power tools. I'm sure she will be fine also.

I hope you will not be away for too long so that my letter will not sit. I do hope you enjoy your visit to sunny California and that you will be able to travel safely, not only to California, but while in the state. Let me know what you did while there and how you enjoyed your stay. I had a good friend who just came back to Iowa after his visit to Las Angeles.

I don't understand quite fully how a fire truck could hit you but I guess anything could happen in this crazy world.

I don't know how long you are going to be in California, but I hope you are able to go to General Conference. I really enjoy General Conference because it helps to answer my prayers and reinforce my goals and objectives. I am glad that I have the privilege of watching all the sessions of the General Conference.

I look forward to the opportunity to see the pictures you will send me. I am glad that you have not completely forgotten.

I am also grateful for your birthday wishes that you have sent in technicolor. I do indeed understand why they are late, besides, how could you know that I was to have a birthday in March until AFTER I told you. When if your birthday and what age will you be when you have another one. Was I writing you when you had your last birthday? If I did forget I am also very sorry.

I hope that one day we will get the opportunity to meet. I think it would be fun! You mentioned in your post script that you had enclosed a pic. I hope you didn't mean a photograph because it unfortunately was not enclosed in the letter. I hope too that when you send the picture of yourself that they do not disappear. I would hate to think that someone else might be reading my mail. I would have to really work to control my jealousy.

Thank for your words of encouragement!

With much love,
Elder Greg Woolf

P.S. I'm definitely smiling!

**The outside of the hand made "climbing" envelope says: From a loving friend down under!


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