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April 11, 1993

Hey buddy!

I felt so stupid after I mailed your last letter - the pic that I was going to enclose was sitting on my desk. Sorry :) I'll definately try and remember to put it in this one.

O.K. I'm not in a marker mood. :) Thanks for your letter. It's awesome to come home to mail! California was great!! Not as warm as I would've liked it - but... better than here. :)

Here - Ill answer all your questions, and then I'll tell you all about my trip. :) I sing alto/soprano. Whenever my director neeeds me . :) My range is about low G to High G - so I have about a 2 octave range. Heck yeah! I'm always singing! A lot of times I'll pretend I'm in a musical and I'll break out in song about what I'm doing. :)
Kind of corny - but hey... it's me!! :)

Mom's operation went well and she's on her road to recovery.

Can I ask you a favor? Can you keep her in your prayers - and pray that she won't be as cranky anymore! Thanks!! I'll owe you a huge one. My pictures from California should be back very soon - and I took one just for you. Let's just hope it turns out. I'll send it as soon as possible. My birthday is July 29. I'll be 18. No we weren't writing when I had my b-day. So don't feel bad you couldn't have forgotten 'cause you didn't know. Don't feel bad about your jealousy. We can work on our faults together - cause I have to work on my pride. Mom & I had a fight today and I got out of the car 45 min. away from my house so I had to call a friend to get me. My pride wouldn't let me call my mom. I'm glad you're definately smiling - that definately makes me smile!!

Now on to better things...


(I'm not excited about it or anything)
It was soo awesome! Did I ever explain the cirumstances behind me going? Well since I don't remember I will anyway. I attended EFY this past summer. Wed. of that week was my birthday. (what a great place for a birthday!!) Anyway, these guys came up to me at lunch and began to serenate me. They sang "SOMEBODY" by Depeche Mode - (one of my favorite songs) Well anyway - afterwards I hung out with these guys for the rest of the day. There was these two guys - Rod & Lance. We ended up hanging out for the rest of the week. Well after EFY, Lance & I kept in touch. We actually became close friends. We'd write & call faithfully. We joked about me coming to Cali. over Spring Break - but figured we'd never have enough for a plane ticket. Then mom offered me either an open house for graduation or money. I decided then and there to buy a plane ticket to Cali. So I ended up going on a whim. But it was the best decision I think I have ever made. If I had my choice I'd still be there!! Anyway now I'll tell you about my trip.

Since Lance had to work sometimes during the past week & 1/2, I hung out with his friends and family. It was really fun! Do you want to hear my most embarrassing story? Lance had to go to school the day after I got there so he introduced me to Mike. Mike isn't a member. Anyway we (me & Mike) we were driving down the freeway and I looked to the left, on top of a hill was a building that was just gorgeous, it looked like a huge castle. So I said "What is that castle over there?" Mike looked at me really wierd and said "that's the Mormon Temple." So the joke around me for the whole week was - should we go to that castle today? or maybe we could visit that castle. (haha) Isn't that hilarious?! But let me tell you something. We did go visit that castle - or shall I say the Oakland Temple and I walked on the Temple grounds and there's a different feeling there. The Holy Ghost was soo strong! Can I ask you a question? It's real! I know it's real! If I know this as strong as I think I do - or at least as srong as I feel, How come I still make so many mistakes? There are so many times I'll look at my life and see the mistakes I've made and all I can think about is how much suffering Christ did in the garden for my sins.

This pains me terribly!! But I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. The church is true!!! There is nothing truer on the face of the earth. I's so amazing to me to think that we were saved for the last days because we were the strongest in heaven. We were stronger than the strongest that I can imagine. We were greater than Generals and Captains in the War in Heaven. The greatest thing I heard was this - one year at EFY Brad Wilcox (an awesome speaker!!) told this scenerio. "When we're in the Celestial Kingdom we'll be walking around talking to people and we'll go up to someone and ask, "who was prophet while you were on the earth?" and they'll answer "Moses" and we'll be amazed. We'll walk up to someone else and ask the same question thy may say "Joseph Smith" and we'll be thinking "WOW! How exciting!" Then someone will walk up to you and ask "Who was prophet while you were on the earth? " and you'll say "Ezra Taft Benson" and a hush will come over the corridor because they will realize that they are in the presence of one of the greatest spirits."

Isn't that awesome? Sorry - I guess I kind of got off on a tangent! Back to California - Don't ever go to college at Cal. Berkley. It doesn't agree with the things you've learned on you mission. While we were walking around on campus I saw a woman in a tank top and underwear and a guy sitting on a wall wearing NOTHING. Can you believe that?! It shocked me!!! And I guess girls walk around topless all the time!! (I didn't see any though.) O.k. sorry - maybe I shouldn't be telling you this - just don't ever go there. :) We went to the ocean. I don't like waves anymore!! Actually I didn't like waves very much to begin with - here I'll tell you my story... 3 years ago I was at EFY (everything happens at EFY) and we went to a water park one afternoon. (hang on - I'm out of paper)

O.K. -> Anyway......
While we were at the water park my friends wanted to go on the waterslides and I didn't - so they left and I went into the wave pool. I was playing near the edge on the waves - and then you know how the waves stop and the water is still for about 10 mins? Well I walked further into the water. When the waves started again I began to jump with them. Well I got off beat - when I jumped up a wave was going over my head and when I landed the water was still over my head. So I jumped, and jumped trying to get some air - unsuccessfully. I began to say a desperate prayer. When suddenly I was thrown ino an inner tube. No one was around me. No one was there to see if I was alright and no one was there to claim the tube. The rest of the day I spent on the sidewalk crying and thanking Heavenly Father. So from then on I wouldn't go into, or anywhere near waves. Then last summer I was in Kansas visiting a good friend of mine, Seth. We went to Oceans of fun ( a big group of us) everyone wanted to go to the wave pool. But I refused. I just sat on the side and watched. Finally, they convinced me to get on a tube and go in. Seth, who was a lifeguard, promised not to let go of me. So - I went in and decided maybe waves weren't too bad. So when we went to the ocean ( in Cali.) I went in, however, I wouldn't let the waves any higher than my waist. Well I was playing and facing the waves when Mike came walking onto the beach and yelled to me so I turned around to talk to him as my back was turned I huge wave came at me and threw me under. I got out at that moment and now I'm not sure I like waves anymore.

Gosh my tangents are getting more frequent and longer. :)

We did so much in California. I want to go back soo badly!!! We just had the greatest time! Well- can you believe I've written soo much?! This is probably one of the longest letters I've ever written! Don't you feel special now? So now that I feel that there's nothing more I can tell you (which isn't true - but it's a nice transition) tell me how things are going with you lately.

Hey - are you guys allowed to listen to music? cause if so - what tapes do you have? I have a drawer full of awesome church music. If you'd want some I'll gladly make you a tape. Cause church tapes are my favorites to listen to. Have you ever heard of Michael McLean? He's my favorite composer!! Umm... let's see. Send me some more pictures of you. Hey I just finished a book called "The Understudy" by Jack Weyland. Have you ever heard of him? He's a Mormon author and is just awesome. Anyway this book was awesome. It's about this guy who's an actor. In one summer his father dies and his wife leaves him with a 9 yr old son. This guy gets offered a job to be Jesus in a movie filmed in Utah. He begins to learn about Christ and also the church. It's awesome. If you think you'd have time or you'd even want to you can borrow it. I'm sorry I'm babbling. I know that's what I'm doing - just because I don't want to go to sleep. My body still thinks it's 2 hours earlier than it really is - because Cali is 2 hrs behind us. Can I tell you something really wierd? I don't feel as if I've never met you. Sometimes I have to catch myself cause I'll begin to think "gee, when does Elder Woolf come home?" Isn't that wierd? Yeah - I know I'm strange I've been told that before. :) But I just had that wierd feeling again. You know - even though I haven't ever met you - and we don't really know each other, I feel like I could tell you anything. (And I guess I do after 10 pages )

How come you make your own envelopes? Is it because you want to or because you can't afford them? If it is the latter I'll send you some pre-stamped envelopes of you want. Gosh I'm just offering everything tonight, huh?!

Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! Hang on while I let this sink in - I just got a call from a really good friend of mine. She thinks she may be pregnant. That's not good - not good at all!! Let me ask you a question. I don't believe in abortion, I think it's wrong. But if she's pregnant she believes that's her only way out. Would it be wrong for me to support her decision, and possibly even loan her the money?! I know abortion is wrong but she's my closest friend and I'll need to help her all I can. Would I be accountable for that abortion if I pay for it? Or even support her decision? I don't know. I don't even know who to turn to to answer my questions because I can't tell anyone. She's soo scared. I feel soo bad because there's nothing I can do or say to make her feel any better... :(

Well I better cruiz cause I have to get up for seminary in 5 hrs. But I want to end this on a happier note. So.. here, I'll tell you my favorite scripture - actually I have two of them.

Luke 1:37 - "For with God nothing shall be impossible."

This is soo true. If we let Heavenly Father lead us we can go anywhere and do anything! We just have to give all our faith and trust to the Lord.

The ther is Moroni 10:3-5. I know you know what that one is without even looking it up. But this is how I learned the Book of Mormon was true. And it was just recently that I came to know the Bible is also true. If we live with the scriptures as a major part of our lives we can never go wrong. I know they're true and that they are just for us. They are there to guide us with our decisions. I hope you had a great Easter! I'm sorry there are so many scribbles - but hey it's late!

Have a great day and always continue to smile!

Yours truly -


"They might not need me; but they might. I'll let my head be just in sight. A smile as small as mine might be - Precisely their necessity." - Unknown

Oh my gosh!! This is practically a book! ! :) :)


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