Busyiness, Crazyiness and Joy!

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

We've had quite the eventful month. It kinda started out with me being ill. Then my children were 'attacked' by their mother. Then my X decided to complain about not getting enough child support (which she is in fact getting MORE than what has been calculated). Then I filed an order of protection after getting word of a CPS investigation. Then I had a hearing to keep the order of protection. Then my son had an allergic reaction to pennicillin.

The FUN stuff was.... We went camping, we played at a waterpark, we taught some important lessons to our children, we received a closing date on our house, and news that my in-laws are coming out early to help me and my family.

It's amazing what blessings come when we listen to our spouse, the lord, and the friends that care about us.


scrapmom4 said…
Wow. If the next few years of your life are only half as exciting as the last few, you're in for a fun ride!
Love you guys,

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