Super Tuesday

After reading Ryan's post from yesterday ( I was prompted to post my dislike for the Arizona way of voting. I must say that when I registered to vote I was surprised that they asked me to declare my political stand by stating exactly what I was. Now, for those of you who know me best you should know that there isn't one way I am...which includes how I vote. I have never voted straight anything. I like to pay attention to who is out there, what they stand for and vote for the person who makes the most sense to me. Now, I must admit that sadly I am not nearly as political as those closest to me (Greg and Dad I am talking about you!!) But I arm myself with enough knowledge to make an intelligent decision. With this in mind I will tell you about the craziness we call voting in Arizona.....

Apparently, Arizona feels it is their duty to prevent anyone other than republicans and democrats to vote in the primaries. And if you declare yourself a republican you can only vote for a republican and so forth.

Fortunately, I have a co-worker who was griping about this in the morning. She is registered to vote as a republican but wanted to vote for Obama (I can't say I am too upset she wasn't able to) but because she was only allowed a republican ballot, she voted for Huckabee by default. Her story (or complaint) prompted me to call the Pinal County Registrar to double check this madness before I showed up at the voting booth and threw a very large fit........ I am registered as an Independent and not even allowed to vote.

Mom and Allen weren't so lucky. I have to admit that I am glad I was not one of the employees working the voting this morning when they showed up. Apparently after arriving at the voting site they were instructed that in order to vote they would have to re-register as republican or democrat. Allen did this and proceeded to vote (for Romney of course!!). While he was voting mom continued to talk to people and get the rest of the skinny. All of the votes from people like Allen (anyone not pre-registered as a republican or democrat) could change their position and vote, however ............ I am going to stop for a moment...if you are very political minded and want to fix things for those "done wrong" you might want to stop reading as the anger you feel towards the unjust system may be too much to bear...........

Anyway....Apparently all votes from people like Allen would be matched with their re-registration and then destroyed and not counted anyway. Upon hearing this Allen (whom I love dearly...and even more now after hearing this) proceeded to take his completed ballot and tear it up. Apparently the employees working there began to panic and freak out and Allen (God love him) made it worse when he picked up his torn up ballot and took it with him as he left the building.

Stop the cheering so I can continue.......

For those of you who know mom best, this part will not surprise you.... Mom and Allen got in their car and headed directly to the Arizona State Attorney General's office. Upon arriving and (what I am sure she is recalling as harrassment) the receptionist finally got someone in charge to come talk to them. Unfortunately, their arguments were futile and met with statements of "this is the law in Arizona and we have to abide by it" blah, blah, blah

Here is the part I find very funny...Mom is called for Jury Duty tomorrow. She is planning on going into the courtroom and telling the Judge "I was denied my right to vote yesterday and don't feel very patriotic today. I do not think I will be very open minded to hear a case right now. I may make my decisions based on how the person looks or maybe whether or not I like the look of their attorney!" I am pretty sure if she actually does this (with knowing mom why would I doubt) she will be relieved of any and all responsibility she has for jury duty.

I am glad to report that Arizona isn't so screwed up that I won't be able to vote come next fall. But for today, I will report that Romney had 3 votes for him that weren't able to be cast.


Ryan & Andie said…
Ryan and I got a good belly laugh out of Allen walking off with his torn-up ballot. I'm sure the old ladies at the polling place just loved that! tam
scrapmom4 said…
Go Allen, and go mom! I'm proud of both of you for doing something proactive. Sorry AZ voting sucks.
Ryan & Andie said…
"Hell knoweth no fury than that of Allen scrorned"


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