Sad news....NOW WHAT??

With the withdrawl of the only good candidate...where do we go now??

I have to lay out my position clearly and without question. You CANNOT vote for Hillary Clinton. This is not a request...This is the rule I have just implemented. If you do, I reserve the right to disown you as my friend, family member or favorite blog reader.

The idea of Ms. Clinton running our country scares the *%#$$*&^* out of me!!

As a woman, she would be viewed by many political leaders in other countries as inferrior and hold no political weight whatsoever. As a leader she would plainly.....just suck!!

C'mon I was there when she implemented HIPAA. (you know what that means, right? Not Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - it means Helping Increase Paperwork Across America). The laws she "implemented" were already in place, all she did was make twice as much work for every medical office in America. Which my the way...they probably charge us all for anyway!

I love the idea that everyone should have health insurance...but I am not sure that I should be the one to pay for my neighbor. I love them but some how I am sure I will get the short end of the deal because I am working middle class and I am sure that I don't pay for enough stuff yet!

OK...... I think it is time for me to step off my soap box and move on....but remember - I know where you sleep!!!!


Ryan & Andie said…
Looks like Hillary is imploding on herself. But here's the bigger question...who's scarier? Her or Obama or McCain? Somebody should start a poll on their blog to find out.--Andie

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