When your a Jet your a Jet all the way...

So our youngest son decided that it would be cool to take a knife to school today.
Jen called me to let me know that she got the call from the principal's office and that she had to return to the school to pick him up. I think she had just dropped them off and it hadn't been an hour until she had to turn back and get him.

I'm just happy this didn't happen in the Gilbert School district where they have ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Otherwise I think we would have to do this every morning:

Needless to say, Jen wasn't happy. He also lied to his teacher. When asked if his mother knew that he had the pocket knife at school he said, "YES". Oh what fun.


Andie said…
Hmm, maybe we SHOULD have taken that road trip after all, Jen. Sounds like you could use a vacation! ;-)
scrapmom4 said…
Kinda funny...but not really. :)
Anna said…
'Gulp'...that must have been a gut-dropping surprise! Sorry sis!

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