Finally...after a short sabbatical

Finally...after a short I am (mighty mouse would finish it with.... to save the day!!)

Well... I blew off hours of laundry (sorry, honey) and spent that last couple of hours online reading everyone else's blogs. I left a lot of comments and realized that I haven't actually blogged forever (OK since Christmas). But I felt a little bit better knowing that Dani and Amber are further behind than I am. (ha ha ha! sorry....schadenfreude)

But anyway, I will try to blog and do laundry and workout and everything else I am supposed to do. Nothing like a challenge to keep life interesting. After all raising hooligans (see previous post) is hard work!!

I have to blog steal this from Sarah and Twylla because it is hilarious. And you all know how real this really is, right? Again, just to quote my shirt...Just because I am a Woolf....Doesn't mean I can't love a vampire.


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