Jilly is 4 months old!!

OK I know 4 months isn't really very old...but I am sad that she is growing up at all! I am having so much fun with her! She is happy ALL the time. There is nothing better than being woken up to her talking in her bed in the morning. She doesn't roll much yet - mostly when she is mad. But it's coming. She is VERY strong and it probably won't be long before she is sitting on her own. YEAH!! Isn't she just dang cute!! (I realize I am a bit biased....I say this often don't it) LOL


Ryan Anderson said…
You are not weird, look at our (OK, Andrea's) blog, a common theme is our sadness with the passing of Mason's babyhood. I'm glad you are enjoying her.
scrapmom4 said…
Seriously CUTE!
The Atkinson's said…
What a cutie!
What a cutie! She is really always smiling. Lucky you..enjoy!
Anonymous said…
I have lots of adorable grandchildren but I can honestly say that I have never seen any baby cuter!
I keep thinking that the Woolf family is going to run out of cute, but it never happens.

(I'm sure Anna and Joel are greatly relieved at this phenomenon!)

Love, Mom
She is adorable! I love seeing pictures of her. I can't believe it's been four months (have I really been gone that long?)

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