Waiting and waiting and waiting

I have been spending my days thinkings about Arizona. I have been home for four days and yet it seems like a lifetime. Prior to our trip to Mesa, I knew that I would like it there and I knew that was where I would be happy because I was with Greg, but I never realized that I would feel so totally at peace there. Our visit there felt as if we had never lived anywhere else. Now that I am home (and I am using that term loosely these days when referring to Minnesota), it seems that all I do is spend my time thinking about when I can get to Arizona again, and how I can get there permanently. The boys and I had a chance to meet all of Greg's family. The boys got along really well with the girls and with their cousins. They enjoyed being so close to Grandma and Grandpa. I also enjoyed getting to know my new family very much. I was surprised at how easy it was to be around them. It was as if we were always family and good friends. There never seemed to be any of the awkward moments one would expect when meeting your new in-laws. I am so greatful to be a part of such a special family - and Woolfs - you are soo very special. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family and for making me feel so welcomed!!

When I asked the boys what their favorite part about going to Arizona was Hunter says "it is seeing Anna" and Danny says "it is seeing my Dad" and then he adds quietly, "I'm talking about my stepdad. His name is Greg." (That just makes me smile!!!)

I think it will be interesting once the boys and I are there permanently to see how the kids get along then. I think the biggest issues will come with Danny and Hana. Hana partly because she will lose her position as the baby of the family and also because she is Danny's favorite to torment (I think he believes that this is his lot in life). But I also know that it will be good for everyone involved to finally get life settled. I am tired of living in this state of limbo. It is so hard to make plans and decisions when I have no idea where we will be two, three, six months from now. But I know that I just have to continue to pray and hold on to my faith. I know that Greg and I are doing everything we possibly can to get us there - now it is up to Him. I also know that we have tons of prayers (coming from multiple states) to help us get our family united permanently. For this I thank all of you and ask for your continued support.

Greg - I love you so very much and can't wait until we can be together every day like a normal married couple. You make me so very happy every day of my life!!


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