Here we go again!

Well, I just put him on a plane and he is on his way back to Arizona. This is the worst part of the whole thing. I will feel better when he calls me after he has landed. We had a great time! Even if it was for only two days - that is better than nothing. And I didn't even have to let him out of my sight much at all!! We started the weekend out by attending an endowment session at the Temple. I am amazed every time I everything. At the knowledge, at the feelings, everything. I cannot imagine how a couple who attend the Temple together regularly could not work through ANYTHING! It is wonderful and amazing - and I get this way EVERYTIME I go. I hope that as the years pass, my excitement for going and feeling all of these wonderful feelings never changes. If it does I need someone to pull this out and make me read Anyway, My friend Kandi watched the boys for us (Thanks a ton Kandi - you rock!! I love ya!). Because Greg had gotten in late we were running a bit late so we sent the boys to Kandi's in their pajamas. Well, after we picked them up we headed to the McDonald's play land. Nothing like eating greasy food and running around in public in your pajamas!!! But they had a blast and I didn't have to cook. We then came home and took naps - well at least Greg and I did. And I have to say the house was still standing and not too bad off when we woke up. LOL

Dinner became a saga unto itself. Let's suffice it to say that after we finally got to the second restaurant, got our food and ate, we were ready for the boys to be in bed. So… we went home and put them there. Today was a nice lazy Sunday with church in the middle. Greg came to class with me – I teach the Valiant 10 class. He says as he is walking in “I am not teaching I am only observing”. Ha ha ha – so any of you who know him can guess EXACTLY what happened next. He did a FANTASTIC job teaching my class!!! Thanks honey – I owe you one!

And here we are to now – back to normal life, at least as we know if for now. I know that we WILL be together. I also know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us – even though we don’t know it all right now. I love my Heavenly Father dearly and I will put my trust in Him. I know that He has lead me through all of the fires I have walked through so far and have no reason not to trust that He will guide me through this one. My faith in the gospel and the eternal plan is the glue that holds me together. I just keep telling myself that this is a blink in the scheme of things.

So, say a pray that my love will land on Arizona soil safely and that the boys and I will be with you soon!!


Anonymous said…
You know I love you both and will do anything for you.

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