Great times, safe travel

Just thought I would post a note and say thanks to my wonderful wife for always being the gem that I adore so much.

You are sneaky... How did you manage to get me to teach your lesson? Next time I'm gonna have to just put tape over my mouth... (I'd probably end up looking as silly as that senior primary boy in sharing time.. LOL )

Sorry again for the frustration at dinner on Saturday night. BUT making up with you is sooooo incredible, who wouldn't want to 'work it out'? :P

Well it's back to the telephone routine.. I will call you in the morning.

I love you tons and want you to know that I am soooo blessed to you have you in my life...

Thanks GOD... ( don't worry we will still be in close communication about the details of the physical arrangement)


I love you JEN!


Jennifer Woolf said…
I love you!

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