It's a girl!!!

For those of you who haven't heard I thought I would let you know here. We are officially having a girl. We are sure as we had the ultrasound tech check 5 times. Each time she was sure she never saw a 5th appendage. As Joel says: The Woolf legacy doesn't live on. Sorry Dad Woolf - we will have to do better next time. I certainly can't say I am disappointed as this will be my first baby girl. Greg's response was...."well, I'm not surprised." (meaning: 13 Woolf grand babies and all of them are girls except the two I brought with me and the 1 his sister had....who isn't a Woolf) And then after a few moments he said "Oh, another wedding to pay for!" I have to admit I am excited for pink, frilly and bows. I have never gotten to do that. YEAH!!

My Jack is still waiting....hopefully he comes next!!! (Lord, that is a strong hint, because I am not sure I could convince Greg into having more than two)


Anna said…
Yeah I am so excited for you!! Way to go!
scrapmom4 said…
Woo Hoo!
I am so excited I thougt I would just let you know that again. I bet your mom is Thrilled too??

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