Another Year - Intro to 2009

Well we made it through to another year.

I guess we didn't really sit down and write out our new year's resolutions, but there are definitely some changes coming.

I will be enrolling in school this week. I am going to go back for my Masters in Business Admin with an emphasis on Project Management.

The budget cuts at work pretty much mean I will being paying for it... :(

But maybe I can recover something after I get started. It will be worth it I am sure.


scrapmom4 said…
Good luck in school. Sounds like a fun program.
(maybe somebody knows something good is going to happen because the comment moderation word is:
Anna said…
Wow. Good luck! I am so impressed with all these people who are going back to school to get their master's. Makes me think that I should do something with my life...

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