If I was closer to having this baby, I would be nesting....

So first off......this is me :-) I am not quite 6 weeks along (I will be on Tuesday) and I am larger than some people that are six months.........hmmm.....reasons this is a good thing: 1) I don't have to feel bad about spending money on maternity clothes, because I will wear them out 2) No one has to wonder if I am pregnant or if I am just chubby 3) You can never get tired of hearing 'are you sure you aren't having twins or triplets?' and 4) (my personal favorite) I like to give my babies the best - they live in a mansion while others keep their babies in an apartment.

So, I had a return this morning at Ross. Because Greg was with me when we bought the items I was returning, he had used his card. Since I didn't have his card with me, they would only give me store credit. This, my friends, is a VERY dangerous situation. I had a gift card with $32.00 on it. You don't really expect me to walk out of the store with it do you???? Well, I didn't.....and I spent a little bit more. I love my husband! When I told him I was at Ross this morning his first question is 'how many hundreds of dollars did you spend?!' So when the answer is $60 - he doesn't think it is too bad! :-)

So as I wondered the store with this gift card burning a hole in my pocket, I first came across this new duvet and pillow set. I recently, accidentally, put a hole in our comforter - so I was pricing a new one.

Then I found a matching shower curtain, towels, a rug, glass and toothbrush holder. So I decided to update our bedroom and our bathroom.

Then I took our old bathroom stuff and decided to update the kids' bathroom. I have to say I am VERY happy with the changes.

I also spent some time in Whole Foods in Tempe today. That place is enough to make you crazy!!! Greg found a recipe for some bread that he can eat (some crazy ingredients....sorghum flour, xanthum gum, potato starch...) So I had a list of ingredients to find. I also found a bunch of other stuff for him to try and make other things. I don't envy his predicament, but I'm glad that I can help try and make his life as normal as possible. The bread wasn't too bad - and at least now we have something other than a vegetable chip to bring for Sacrament. :-)

And lastly, to make our day even better....Danny fell of the swings at school and sprained his ankle. He spent the majority of the night with it wrapped up and ice on it. Poor baby!!


Anna said…
You are a pretty pretty pregnant lady! I hear it's a boy! :)
Ah whole foods has some amazing stuff. Greg should try Garbanzo flour. I made a vegetable pancake with it and was delish! Only problem...garbanzos make me a little...uh....airy? heh.

Love you!

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