Post #2 in January - DON'T PASS OUT!!!!

Here I am for post #2 and it is still January....can you believe it????? Well we have had a VERY busy couple of weeks. Greg and I have new stake callings. Yes, stake callings. That is never good. It is never good to get on the stake radar!! But we have been called as Assistant Coordinators for the Trek in December. It should be a ton of fun....interesting to see what happens when the two oldest girls hear they will be attending this fun filled event!!!! ;-)

Also, and probably the most life changing information is that we found out Greg is allergic to....everything!! Well, specifically WHEAT, OATS, SHRIMP, CHICKEN, TURKEY, CORN, RICE, and ORANGES. It is crazy!! These allergies are sooo encompassing. Things that you would never even think about. Such as - his medication has cornstarch in them; candy bars are molded by using a wheat by product; just about anything sweet had corn syrup in it; all gluten (wheat) free products are made with corn or rice. We have had a tough time figuring out stuff for him to eat. Organic and all natural is the way for him to go. I guess the good Lord decided that if Greg wasn't going to lose weight on his own that He would make it happen!

But on that same note, I have continued to work out and write down everything I have been eating. I am down 6 pounds. YEAH!!!! I have joined the girls at church in the "Fit Girls Blog" and this is motivating also. YEAH US!!!!


scrapmom4 said…
Holy cow! How did you find out all that allergy stuff? I bet that's frustrating, yet good since now you at least have something to go from. Maybe he'll feel better when he's not fighting with his food all the time. And good for you! I love having people in my neighborhood trying to stay healthy. It's good motivation. Love you guys!

P.S. The Trek is going to be awesome! I'm a little jealous. But only a little. :)

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