Boy clothes and Discipline

So my friend Marykay had her baby last week. They had decided that they didn't want to know what they were having. They already had a boy and a girl and decided to have it be a surprise. Well, she had a girl - Victoria Madison. With that (and the fact that this is their last) she gave me all of the boys clothes that she has been saving since she had Dominic - who is 7. I received 2 large boxes, 3 regular bins, 1 extra large bin, and 2 garbage bags full of clothes. While I am EXTREMELY grateful that I will NEVER have to buy clothes again........what in the heck was I going to do with them all?????? So I went through them all and started organizing.

I went smallest to largest......

When I ended for the night I had gotten though 12 month. This is just 18 months and up.


After rummaging through the house for more bins...... I finally got everything organized. This is 24 months / 2T - 6/7. Whew!! What a job!!! Thanks Marykay!!!!


So, every Friday morning we meet my friend Lisa and her daughter Kensington at the Arizona Mills Mall for the Harkins Summer Movie Fun. Last Friday we saw The Chipmunks The Squeakual. Kensington, who is 7 weeks older than Jilly, had a VERY tough time. In fact, one of the employees was coming over (we are assuming to ask her to step out) as Lisa was leaving the theater with her. So after the movies, as long as the girls are good, we go on the "horses" (the merry-go-round). Well, since Kensington couldn't behave Lisa told her she couldn't go on the horses. I told her that Jilly would be fine just leaving but Lisa wanted Kensington to see Jilly going on the horses because she had behaved in the movie. So for our part in the disciplinary process....we rode the horses and Jilly had a grand time!! Doesn't she look like a little princess???


scrapmom4 said…
Now that is a LOT of clothes!

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